Solar Hot Water

Residential Solar Hot Water Systems

Our Domestic Solar Hot Water systems are built to withstand the Australia’s harshest conditions and represent new levels of efficiency, cost saving and reliable solar hot water all year round.
All Solar Systems range of solar water heaters use the Sun’s unlimited FREE energy to reduce your water heating bills by up to 80%.
When these savings are combined with government rebates & incentives, a ‘solar smart’ water heater is the obvious economical choice for your home.

BENEFITS of  Residential Solar Hot Water Systems

–    Never ending, steaming hot water whenever you need it.
–    Reduces the cost of living with lower energy costs.
–    Environmentally friendly hot water, providing reduced greenhouse gas          emissions.
–    Access to government rebates & incentives.

The soaring cost of energy is one of the biggest concerns for Australian consumers, so it’s not surprising that home owners are searching for ways to save on their energy bills.

Water heating accounts for around 25% of the household energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the average Australian home; however solar hot water heating is an easy and affordable way to reduce your energy consumption and minimise the impact of rising energy costs.Solar hot water systems are highly efficient water heaters that use the sun’s unlimited and FREE energy to pre-heat your water. They can provide up to 90% of your hot water heating needs and will therefore slash your water heating costs and the consumption of greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels. 

Old energy-hungry electric hot water heaters are very expensive to run and are a huge contributor to household energy consumption, but with solar hot water you could save over a $1000* per year! So, by switching to a solar water heater you can literally soak in the warmth of the sun whilst reducing your water heating bills, and live efficiently with Chromagen.

How Solar water heating works
The way solar hot water systems work is very simple: 

  1. Roof mounted thermal collectors absorb the FREE heat energy from the sun
  2. Cold water in the storage tank is circulated through the roof top collectors and the absorbed heat is transferred to the water
  3. The solar-heated water is then stored in an insulated tank for future use & when you turn on a tap you get hot water that has been pre-heated by the sun
  4. At times when the solar energy is not enough to meet your hot water demands, a supplementary gas or electric booster automatically activates to raise the water temperature at the tap. The hotter the solar heated water, the less gas or electricity you will use.

The benefits of solar hot water:

  • Provide up to 90% of your water heating needs
  • Capture the sun’s clean, FREE energy to pre-heat your water
  • Reduce your energy consumption & carbon footprint
  • Reduce your power bills & minimise the impact of rising energy costs
  • Reliable supply of hot water in any weather or time of day
  • Eligible for Government Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) (Eligibility criteria apply)

The Range:
All Solar has an extensive range of high quality, reliable solar Hot Water heaters, with a system to meet your specific needs and preferences. The range includes vertical ground mounted (SplitLine) systems, and traditional roof mounted (RoofLine) thermosiphon systems, with a selection of storage tank sizes, thermal collectors and boosting options.

SplitLine solar hot water systems are hybrid water heaters with a split configuration of ground mounted tank and roof mounted collectors. Backup electric or gas water heaters provide hybrid reliability. They are designed to provide installation flexibility without compromising the aesthetics of your home. SplitLine systems are available with either highly efficient flat plate thermal collectors or evacuated tube collectors. Evacuated tube collectors are designed to efficiently collect the thermal energy from the sun in a variety of challenging conditions and applications, such as in cold regions that are prone to frost and hard water areas.

RoofLine solar hot water systems are traditional close-coupled thermosiphon systems, combining roof-mounted solar collectors and storage tanks, which are ideal for applications that are short of available ground space. RoofLine Systems use natural thermal convection to circulate hot water from the collectors to the tank.